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Electronic Drum Kit=Happy Family :)

Electronic Drum Kits

Have you been politely ignoring your child’s request for a drum kit? Obnoxious drum kit noise is now a thing of the past thanks to electronic drum kit technology! We have a great range of electronic kits in stock ranging in price from $749 up to $1,399. All of our electronic kits include all the necessary hardware to get started with the exception of a stool, although the Yamaha DTXplorer does include a free stool valued at $99. Another major feature on the electronic kits are the built-in songs and drum lessons which can help the beginner drum student progress dramatically.

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Yamaha DTXplorer Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTXplorer Electronic Drum Kit

The Yamaha DTXplorer is an affordable 5-piece electronic drum kit featuring over 200 drum and percussion sounds, 22 preset songs, and 32 preset drum kits covering rock, funk, jazz, reggae. The drum kit module allows you to modify your kits with digital effects and store as many as 10 different custom kits. The module also features a Groove Check practice feature and internal metronome for use in your practice sessions. Midi input/output is supported which enables you to connect the module to a computer for use as an external sound module or to trigger external samplers.

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