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Vox Satchurator Pedal Review

Vox Satchurator Pedal

VOX Amplification have always aligned themselves with musicians of equal legendary status. The very first VOX evangelist’s were The Shadows followed years later by The Beatles, Brian May of Queen, The Edge of U2 and many more famous artists. Their latest collaboration effort involves another legendary guitarist by the name of “Joe Satriani”, you’ve been living under a rock if you’ve never heard of him! Joe Satriani is easily one of the most successful guitar instrumentalists of all time and has garnered many awards and accolades over the years. This dynamite “VOX/Satriani” duo have invested a lot of time and R&D into this particular range of pedals and in the process their collaboration has spawned several new and exciting products. Their ultimate goal was to create a series of pedals that exhibit “boutique” tone qualities, yet have added functionalities and increased reliability.

Fender Fuzz/Wah Pedal (Re-Issue)

Fender Fuzz/Wah Pedal

It would seem as though we are living in an era of the “re-issue”, what was previously thought of as “old school” eventually becomes wildly popular once again. Some of the more famous trends are able to seemingly re-invent themselves after a twenty to thirty year cycle.